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Hello and welcome to casino scrutiny. This website is not just another typical online casino gambling portal claiming you can't loose when playing on the Internet. Unfortunately, that does happen if you gamble with casinos. But people also win, and even more important is knowing that the casinos you are gambling with offer fair online casino games and regularly audited online gaming software. If you also take the time to learn some key strategies for casino games with low house odds then you'll stand a great chance of walking away a winner more often than you walk away with your pockets out. offers our reviews of the best online gambling and internet casino websites below. Updated February 13, 2016. 

Best Overall Casino: Virgin Casino
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Featured UK Online Casino: 32 Red Casino
For UK players 32 Red Online Casino is one of the best places to wager. Microgaming software powers the games at 32 Red and you can play more than 250 of the most realistic casino games. If you are a newbie to online casinos you will appreciate the personal attention provided by the staff at 32Red. Download today and receive �100 free.

My Personal Experiences

Casino Scrutiny is going to consist of nothing but my own journals and logs of my experiences playing at some online casinos. I've played poker for some time now, but I had never really done much online casino gambling until recently, because I always had a problem with the odds being stacked in the casinos' favor. But that's how they make their living, and I'll admit to having spent some time playing Mega Moolah and some other online slot machine games.

Online Casinos

Online Casino Suite is gaining buzz lately as their news editors pump out bizarre articles dealing with online casinos and internet betting. A lot has changed in the online gambling world in recent weeks and the most current site about online casino gambling is

Online Casino Reviews

That being said, I'm not entirely sure how much actual "casino reviewing" I'm going to be doing. I'll detail whether or not the customer service crews at these sites treated me right, and I'll go into whether or not I liked the software. But what I'm really hoping to do is capture the feeling I get playing at these casinos.

What's it like to hit a royal flush playing video poker at an online casino? What do the frustration levels feel like when playing blackjack for an hour and hitting a bad losing streak? How much play does it really take to clear the bonus requirements at these casinos? These are the kinds of questions I'd like to answer. While playing slot machines in a Vegas casino are fun, it is even more fun playing slot machines online becuase the online slots jackpots can be worth millions.

So yes, these are online casino reviews, but they're not the kind of reviews you're possibly used to reading. They're not sales letters. Think of these as casino inspections, and think of me as being the guy who is scrutinizing the casinos to see what value can be found there, if any. I'll include the usual details that everyone has in their reviews, like the licensing and banking info, etc, but those details will always be secondary to my main content, which will consist of relating my experiences as an internet gambler.

Why Gamble at an Online Casino Anyway?

This is a good question, and I'm not sure I have an answer for it. I've been playing online poker now for at least 2 years, and I enjoy it. But now that I've gotten reasonably good at that, I'd like to see what it's like being on the side with the disadvantage now. And I think that like all gamblers, I want to beat the odds just once today. And maybe again tomorrow.

Yeah, I know the odds are against me, and I also know they'll eventually catch up with me. Being a casino gambler is like being mortal; eventually the odds will catch up with you either way. It doesn't mean you want to give up easily or early because of the eventuality. So, in the pursuit of things bigger than myself, onward I travel down the gambling rabbit hole. And what better way to get things going than a strategic tip. Here you go...

Strategy Tip

An Introduction to Gambling Systems

Gambling Systems. It sounds so systematic, doesn't it? If you are new to the world of gambling, you may have no idea what gambling systems even are, but I'm sure you have an inkling. Just talk it out. A gambling system is a systematic way of betting. Now, fill in the blanks with some specifics. Because gambling systems are general ways of betting, they do not just apply to any casino game. They apply to all of them. Unlike strategy, which is game specific, gambling systems are more like bankroll management tools that aim to cover losses and maximize profit.

But before I go on a limb and start endorsing gambling systems, are they as effective as some people claim? Okay first of all, I'm just going to be frank and tell you that gambling systems are bogus, and can actually endanger you more than not using one. There, I said it. Although I have the impulse to just end the conversation right now so as to not give anybody any ideas to defy my advice for sake of doing so (is this a conversation? oh wait, yes, the voices in my head), I feel obligated to do some ranting on why gambling systems do not work. While most of them are just flat-out scams, the more dangerous systems are the one's that really do mean well, often getting endorsed by close friends or people who have simply gotten lucky with the system, but in the long run only end up causing more harm than good.

If you've ever given your address out to a casino or player's club before, there's a good chance that you receive promotions and special offers in the mail every so often. There's also a good chance you get offers to buy so called "miraculous" betting system secrets guaranteeing that you will win 90% of your bets in the casino. Just take a look in any gambling magazine of Las Vegas brochure and you will likely see an offer for some amazing system so unbelievable, that there's a good chance it was uncovered in the tombs of Egypt.

Mail order scams are a big business. One of the reasons they work is that the people behind the scams are really good at what they do. However, "what they do" isn't casino gambling. It's marketing. They know that if they write up a good pitch and mail out a bunch of flyers, they will get a certain percentage of buyers. Some charge a hefty price, while others may only charge a few dollars with a money-back guarantee. First of all, most people don't even bother trying to get their money back (that's why it's offered). Secondly, scams aren't going to give you your money back anyways! Seriously. Ask yourself, "If such a system is so amazing and guaranteed to win me tons of money at the casino", why is the person divulging their "secret" and selling it for money to begin with?" Surely, it has already made them they promise it will do for you.

While these miracle gambling systems are are easier to spot out as being a scam, there are other gambling systems that are more ubiquitous - perhaps even used by a close friend of yours. These are the one's that can be more tempting. You don't have to purchase anything to make use of them, and by most accounts, they usually sound like they will work. One of the most popular of theses systems is the Martingale. There are others too. And guess what? I'm gonna talk about all of them. Not in this article though, 'cause my hand would fall off from all this typing. So, beginning with my next "tip", I will present to you Gambling Systems Part II - The Martingale. We'll call this one Gambling Systems Part I - an Introduction. Aren't I creative?

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Finally if you did not fine the casino that suits your needs here, check out the online casinos listed at This directory has been around for years and it well respected as a trusted source for online casino ratings and reviews.


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